Pay Insights is an employment advocacy resource that increases transparency between employers and employees to create a happier and healthier workplace. Before they could change the game, they needed a solid brand foundation and visual identity that truly represented who they were and what they stood for. Pay Insights partnered with us to bring their brand to life with our proven Branding Process.

Step 1: Discover
We started by diving deep into Pay Insights’s business and goals during a comprehensive discovery session with the founder. This allowed us to truly understand their vision, needs, and objectives, and set the stage for the rest of the branding process.

Step 2: Explore
Next, we led guided and collaborative brand discovery exercises to uncover key insights into the founder’s vision for the brand. This helped us understand their unique perspective, values, and goals to inform the strong foundation for the brand.

Step 3: Analyze
With a solid understanding of Pay Insights’s vision and goals, we conducted a comprehensive brand strategy and audit. This involved analyzing the industry landscape, competition, and target audience, to ensure that the brand would stand out and connect with its intended audience.

Pay Insights
Pay Insights

Step 4: Position
Armed with a deep understanding of Pay Insights’s vision, goals, and the industry landscape, we distilled all inputs into a clear and emotionally-charged brand positioning. This helped us create a unique and compelling brand story that would resonate with the target audience and differentiate Pay Insights in the market.

Step 5: Define
Next, we defined the foundations of the brand, including the mission, vision, values, tone of voice, and brand personality. This helped us create a consistent and authentic brand that accurately reflects Pay Insights’s unique identity and values.

Step 6: Create
With the brand foundations in place, we brought the brand to life with logo development, colors, typography and custom illustrations and icons. This helped us create a visual identity that is not only unique and memorable, but that also accurately represents Pay Insights’s personality and values.

Pay Insights

Step 7: Launch
Finally, we launched the brand into the world with a new website, social channels, email templates, and a complete brand asset library. This helped Pay Insights establish a strong online presence, connect with their target audience, and start building a loyal customer base.

Following our proven branding process, we were able to help Pay Insights create a strong brand foundation and visual identity that truly represents who they are and what they stand for. From discovery to launch, each step of the process was carefully designed to ensure that the brand would be unique, memorable, and impactful. The result? An employment advocacy brand that is ready to revolutionize the industry and connect with its audience like never before.

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