Dakota BioWorx, a leader in the biotechnology industry, was looking to increase awareness and generate leads for its innovative products and services. With a goal of reaching the right audience and driving results, Dakota BioWorx turned to us for a comprehensive launch campaign.

The Challenge:
Dakota BioWorx needed a launch campaign that would increase awareness and generate leads for its products and services. With a limited budget, the campaign needed to be strategic, targeted, and effective in reaching the right audience.

The Solution:
To achieve these goals, we began by auditing key competitors and industry look-a-likes to analyze messaging and campaign creative. This analysis identified the white space that Dakota BioWorx could authentically own and occupy, setting the stage for a successful launch campaign.

With this strategy in place, we began creative ideation to develop campaign messaging and creative assets that would resonate with the target audience. To maximize the impact of the campaign, we right-sized the approach for Dakota BioWorx’s budget, launching the campaign on social and paid search.

Dakota BioWorx Launch
Dakota BioWorx Launch

The Results:
The results of the Dakota BioWorx launch campaign were impressive. The campaign drove over 50% engaged-sessions on website click-throughs, indicating that the ads were reaching exactly the right audience. This resulted in a ~1400% increase in social media following, demonstrating the effectiveness of the campaign in reaching and engaging the target audience.

Our approach to paid digital media is never “set it and forget it.” We review performance on a weekly basis to ensure that the ads are optimized to deliver ROI for our clients. Learnings and A/B testing strategies are documented, shared with our clients, and utilized in future iterations of ads and campaigns.

The Dakota BioWorx launch campaign was a resounding success, driving awareness and leads for the biotechnology leader. With a strategic and targeted approach, the campaign reached the right audience, resulting in increased website traffic, engaged-sessions, and a significant increase in social media following. The success of the campaign is a testament to our team’s ability to develop creative, effective, and results-driven campaigns, even with limited budgets.

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