Dakota BioWorx (DBX), a biotechnology company unlike any other, is on a mission to bring cutting-edge bio research out of the lab and into our everyday lives. Before they could make their mark, they needed a brand that truly represented who they were and what they stood for. That’s where we came in, with our unique branding process.

Step 1: Discover

We started by diving deep into Dakota BioWorx’s vision and goals during a comprehensive discovery session with the CEO. This allowed us to truly understand their mission, values, and objectives, and set the stage for the rest of the branding process.

Step 2: Analyze

Next, we analyzed the key competitors and industry landscape to ensure that Dakota BioWorx would stand out and connect with its intended audience. This involved researching the latest trends, best practices, and opportunities in the biotechnology industry.

Step 3: Naming

With a solid understanding of Dakota BioWorx’s vision and the industry landscape, we generated dozens of potential name options and narrowed it down to a final three that were fully vetted and presented to the CEO. This helped us create a name that is unique, memorable, and impactful, and that accurately reflects Dakota BioWorx’s identity and values.

Step 4: Position

Armed with a deep understanding of Dakota BioWorx’s vision, values, and the industry landscape, we distilled all inputs into a clear and uniquely-positioned brand. This helped us create a compelling brand story that would resonate with the target audience and further differentiate Dakota BioWorx in the market.

Step 5: Define

Next, we defined the foundations of the brand, including the mission, vision, values, tone of voice, and brand personality. This helped us create a consistent and authentic brand that accurately reflects Dakota BioWorx’s unique identity and values.

Step 6: Create

With the brand foundations in place, we brought the brand to life with a visual identity that is not only unique and memorable, but that also accurately represents Dakota BioWorx’s personality and values. This included logo development, colors, typography, and a brand identity system.

Step 7: Launch

Finally, we launched the brand into the world with a celebratory open house that included a ribbon cutting event and speeches from key contributors and stakeholders. This helped Dakota BioWorx establish a strong presence, connect with their target audience, and start generating excitement, awareness, and interest.

The DBX brand has been instantly embraced by both internal contributors and external audiences, and Dakota BioWorx is now poised for success. With a clear and compelling brand story, a unique visual identity, and a strong presence in the market, Dakota BioWorx is ready to make a tremendous and lasting impact in the field of biotechnology.

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