AdvanSix, a leading manufacturer of high-performance materials and chemicals, was on a mission to attract top talent and strengthen their workforce. To achieve this, they needed a creative and impactful talent recruitment campaign that would resonate with their target audience and showcase their people-centered company culture. That’s where we came in.

The Challenge:

AdvanSix had a strong brand and tagline – “It all starts with AdvanSix” – but they needed a fresh and engaging way to communicate their employee-focused culture and attract top talent. They wanted to position their employees as the true heroes of the company and highlight the unique opportunities and benefits of working at AdvanSix.

The Solution:

We utilized AdvanSix’s brand standards and their people-centered company culture to generate a creative campaign concept that positions the employee as the ‘hero’. We adapted AdvanSix’s tagline for this campaign, creating the tagline “It all starts with you” to emphasize the company’s focus on its employees.

The Results:

The AdvanSix Talent Recruitment Campaign was a resounding success. The campaign was launched across multiple channels, including paid social, internal communications, and career fairs.

The internal communications campaign helped to build excitement and engagement among current employees, who were proud to share their experiences and be a part of the campaign.

The career fairs were a great opportunity to connect with potential candidates and share the AdvanSix story in a personal and engaging way. The campaign received overwhelmingly positive feedback, with many candidates expressing their excitement about the company’s culture and opportunities.


The AdvanSix Talent Recruitment Campaign was a powerful and effective way to communicate the company’s people-centered culture and attract top talent. By positioning employees as the heroes of the company, AdvanSix was able to differentiate themselves in a competitive market and build a strong employer brand. The campaign was a resounding success, resulting in increased website traffic, job applications, and positive feedback from candidates. With a clear and compelling message, a unique visual identity, and a strong presence in the market, AdvanSix is ready to continue to attract top talent and build a strong workforce.

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